Wave-Matter Duality Observed on a Biological Macromolecule for the First  Time | Chemistry And Physics


Wave particle duality is a phenomenon in which a beam of light is visualized as a particle and meanwhile a wave being a photon particle and in a form of wave, as well as diffraction of concentrated particles and waves. Isac Newton, along with other scientists, concluded that light is in a form of wave and does not carry mass; while others concluded that it travels in a form of particles and carries mass. Einstein proved that both are correct due to the photoelectric effect.


Based on Albert Einstein’s theory on the photoelectric effect of quantised energy, light energy consists of a stream of energy packets called photons. A photon is defined as a quantum of energy when the energy is in the form of electromagnetic radiation, therefore, having specific energy frequencies through its wavelength. Photoelectric emission is defined as the release of electrons from the surface of a metal when electromagnetic radiation is incident on its surface. The electrons that are released in the photoelectric emission are called photoelectrons. This shows the particle nature of light. This discovery interferes with the existence of bosons (force carriers).


Despite Einstein’s revelation of E=mc2, this formula does relate to the quantum world through photons don’t carry mass they carry energy from momentum using E=hv, and this caused the research in bosons force particles to have no mass and a spin of 1. the discovery of the Higgs boson brought faith that energy from momentum, rather than mass, seems like a approved mechanism that works in the quantum world.

This theory was born from French scientist Louis Broglie theory that the wave particle nature comes from the relation of wavelength and momentum of subatomic particles. Planck’s Constant and Special Relativity play a big role in this discovery.



In conclusion, the wave particle duality paper has stunned researchers into taking a new approach for Quantum Mechanics (CERN) and revolutionized experiments of colliding subatomic particles. It’s the beginning of a new era in physics and modern day technology.  Visions From mathematical theories and descriptions to new experiments, it takes many years to prove a theory correct. It takes a lot of mistakes and errors in physics to discover the true nature of quantum mechanics and unifying it with cosmic physics. Until now, that comparison is still an idea that is to be proven through more research.

Writer: Ali Fathi Albati

Editors: Uzay Kara/Lama Alahdal


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