Youth Physics Society

About Us:

Youth Physics Society is an organization that promotes Physics and Physics-related topics for youth. Our main goal is to make Physics a more fascinating and appealing subject through our social media posts, competitions, activities, events, and articles. We do not care about academic scores, but what we care about is your passion and curiosity to venture further into the world of Physics. We are an organization that implements academic entertainment into all of our work, making it hard to feel bored with all the activities that will be performed.


In addition to being in contact with others that share similar interests, members in YPS are encouraged to write articles to be posted on our website or send us content to be posted on our Instagram. We also provide recommendations for YouTube channels, websites, and accounts that help members study or feed their curiosity. We will also be extending our reach in future projects to more hands-on learning, like science fairs, events, and much more, which all of our members will have a hand in producing.

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